About the workshop

The 2015 International Workshop on Automated Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems in the Cloud (cpsATcloud2015) will be held in conjunction with The 21st IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS2015), December 14-17, 2015 at Melbourne, Australia.

Cyber-Physical System (CPS), a combination of computing, network and physical processes, have been widely applied as crucial services into various industries, including automobile industry, electric/electronic systems, civil infrastructures, etc. Nowadays, industrial applications of software-intensive CPS, such as mining vehicles, electrical substations, and robots in factories, are increasingly deployed into the globally large-scale distributed cloud computing environments. On one hand, the deployment in the cloud makes the operations and co-ordinations of these systems easier, cheaper, and faster. On the other hand, the unique features of cloud computing bring in new severe challenges to the quality assurance of these systems.
Quality is always the key factor for guaranteeing the success of any product or service. Testing, a mainstream approach to quality assurance, validation, and verification, has been extensively used in the context of software systems. However, testing CPS is fundamentally more difficult than conventional software given the complex physical operating environments, remote locations and potentially impaired network connectivity. The workshop targets at attracting innovative and high-skill methodologies of testing CPS deployed as services in the highly distributed cloud computing environments, with the purposes of enhancing fault-detection effectiveness as well as reducing the cost.

Submission (by August 31, 2015)